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The four albums

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I did a photo project over the past year in which I used my Pixel 2 to capture photographs, mostly candid portraits. The free Exposure subscription, where I posted the photos from that project, is expiring, so I created an archive here.

  • Homepage: PNG / PDF
  • Grad Faces of UChicago (An Adventure in Portraits)
    • Week 1: PNG / PDF
    • Week 2 (Halloween Edition): PNG / PDF
    • Week 3 (Diwali Edition): PNG / PDF
  • An Indian Wedding (in Stills): PNG1, PNG2 / PDF

Update (Sun Dec 30, 2018): Turns out Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive has much better-preserved versions of my albums. See:

Update (Tue Feb 12, 2019): Turns out I was completely wrong about my Exposure subscription, all of the photos are still browsable at So much for my pessimism in free services and lack of due diligence. Sigh.

PhD Student

My research interests include Programming Languages, Quantum Computing, Systems, and Software Engineering.