Photo Website Archive

The four albums Before clicking on any of the archive links below, see the latest update at the bottom. I did a photo project over the past year in which I used my Pixel 2 to capture photographs, mostly candid portraits. The free Exposure subscription, where I posted the photos from that project, is expiring, so I created an archive here. Homepage: PNG / PDF Grad Faces of UChicago (An Adventure in Portraits) Week 1: PNG / PDF Week 2 (Halloween Edition): PNG / PDF Week 3 (Diwali Edition): PNG / PDF An Indian Wedding (in Stills): PNG1, PNG2 / PDF Update (Sun Dec 30, 2018): Turns out Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive has much better-preserved versions of my albums.

Grad School Admissions Resources

I often get asked by students from India about how does the graduate admission process work for both MS and PhD programs in the US. After sharing advice from my own limited experience, I generally end up sharing a bunch of links with the students. I thought of collecting them in a single place for easy sharing and posterity. Note that most of these are relevant only to Computer Science programs.

Address Autocompletion in Thunderbird using UChicago LDAP Directory Server

I use Thunderbird for all my UChicago CS related email, one of the major pain points for me until recently was that there was no address autocompletion available there. Not that it is available on UChicago GMail either, but somehow that is tolerable. In this HOWTO, I document how to add LDAP directory search to Thunderbird (or any other desktop email client). Here are all the settings that you need for Thunderbird (Preferences → Composition → Addressing → Edit Directories… → Add Server):